What To Do Before Getting A Puppy

What To Do Before Getting A Puppy

Are you planning to get a puppy? Puppies are usually loved by all, especially by animal lovers. Their tiny, adorable, playful, and affectionate shape makes them perfect for carrying around and fun to play with. Puppies can be delightful to have around, with lots of benefits too. No wonder many people end up getting a puppy in their home.

Before getting a puppy, though, there are a lot of decisions you should make which will make you enjoy getting the best out of the puppy you are getting. Impulse decision is not appropriate when you want to get a puppy; you might regret getting it if you do this at the wrong time.

Before Getting A Puppy


In this article, we will be discussing some essential things you should know and do before getting a puppy. You need a delightful puppy, here are what you should do to get a lovely one;

1. Check your preparedness

Are you ready to get a puppy? This is one crucial question you should ask yourself. Puppies can be very irresistible and time-consuming. You will only understand the stress they carry if you have kept one before. Otherwise, you are in for a long journey of commitment.

Puppies need to be fed minimally, three or four times daily; they also need to be taken outside for urinating and defecating after every meal and help them become house trained. During their house training, they are bound to have accidents meaning you must be prepared for a lot of clean up.

During the night, the puppy might wake up several times, either because they want to play around or just bored naturally. They hate staying alone all by themselves, so you must be around them regularly and keep them in the crate when alone. In all, you need to be prepared to offer the puppy quality time when you get one.

2. What type of puppy should you get?

Having weighed the pro and cons of getting a puppy and you decide to get one, the next question is the type of puppy you should get. It is good to know the kind of traits you want your puppy to have and the ones you don’t want them to have.

Do you want small or big puppies? This often depends on the available space in your home. Remember that the food supplies and medication for larger dogs are more expensive compared to small dogs. Do you want puppies that will quickly calm down or one that will be very active when they become adult dogs?

The hair coat type is another point to consider. How prepared are you for shedding? Do you love that shed little? Which may require a regular visit to the groomer. Another critical decision you definitely must make before getting a puppy.

3. Where to get the puppy from?

Having known the type of puppy you want, you may then begin your search. You may try adopting a puppy from local animal shelters or pet rescue groups. They always have adorable and mixed breeds of puppies you will like. The local shelter will help you see many options to pick from.

The choice is yours to make, either to get a pure breed of dogs or mixed breed. If you have favorite breeds, it is best to go for that. Health concerns, temperament, and energy level are some of the things to consider before getting a puppy. Getting purebred dogs might require you to be very responsible.

Avoid getting puppies from backyard breeders, don’t consider puppies from pet stores since most of their puppy come from puppy mills. Buying puppies from the flea market is definitely not an option to consider, neither is buying from a classified ad an option to consider since the background of the dog is unknown.

4. Puppy-Proof your home

Before bringing the puppy home, you must be sure that your home is prepared for this new visitor. Every area in the house must be puppy-proofed. A puppy can be very destructive, and this can b frustrating and dangerous to you and the dog. You can never tell what will hurt them exactly.

To puppy-proof your house, you may need to hide all your electrical cords, lock your cabinets, especially those with foods, toxic chemicals, and medications. Houseplants must not be kept close to puppy reach, trash can should have lids and your laundry, shoes, and other smaller items must be taken out of reach.

5. Get puppy supplies

You need to get more puppy supplies, trust me; you will need many of them before bringing your puppy home. It is fine to start with the necessary supplies before ending it with a bunch of supplies that are not needed. You need a leash of about four to six foot.

You need an adjustable collar that has an ID tag. A metal or ceramic pet bowl is also required, plastic ones might cause skin irritation, and the puppy can easily destroy them. You need to get puppy food and a bed. You can also get dog crates and simple dog toys. Comb, brush, or other appropriate for grooming is part of what you should get.

6. Find the right veterinarian

Within a few days of bringing the puppy home, the puppy should visit the veterinarian for a check-up. A physical examination will help you check the condition of the dog and vaccinate the dog rightly. This will help you get rid of every severe health problems at the start, which may not be identified from where you got the dog from.

It is essential to get good and quality veterinarian, you may ask for referrers from friends and neighbor to help you know what to choose and what is affordable. Take all paperwork provided by the breeder or where you got the dog from.

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7. Learn to raise the puppy correctly

Puppies need special care and attention. So, learn to care for puppies by choosing healthy diets that will benefit them, start house training immediately they get to your house, obedience training is another thing you must teach the puppy.

Puppies like to be socialized, try and do this for them. Establish a routine that includes exercise and ensures this is done regularly; this will help you keep a healthy puppy and ensure that the puppy will live longer than you ever expected.

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