What Dog has The Strongest Bite Force In The World?

What Dog has The Strongest Bite Force In The World?

Dog bites are common as dogs are seen in almost every home; in fact, they are the most popular pets around the world. Security agencies also find dogs very invaluable in their field. They are entertaining to be with, but more importantly, they are useful when it comes to search and rescue, and security.

Many who get dogs are interested in their value when it comes to securing the house. But not all dogs have the power to serve and work as security dogs. One thing to consider when selecting your security dog is their bite power.

In situations where your dog catches a criminal in the act, its usefulness is tested by the ability to keep the criminal down and not scaring them off only. So which dog has the strongest bite force in the world? This is an important point to ponder on, just follow along as we find out in this article.

To start with, let’s consider the way to measure how strong dog bites are.

Measuring The Force Of Dog Bites

The best way to measure dog bites is through PSI. This unit is made to calculate the pressure that is released at any given point. PSI, i.e., pound per square inch or pound-force per square inch. The higher the PSI, the stronger the bite force of dogs. This is what we will be referring to throughout this article.

Dogs With The Strongest Bite Force In The World

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Here is a compilation of eight dog breeds with the strongest bite force in the world:

1. Kangal (Dog with the strongest bite)

Kangal is rated the dog with the strongest bite with a PSI of 743. They are guard dogs and originate from the Sivas City in Turkey. Talking about strong dogs, these breeds are the strongest in the world. They are often used as guard dogs for protecting sheep, and other flocks against larger and strong predators. They are known for loyalty and protectiveness, and they are very gentle towards children. But their bite is stronger than those of other dogs.

2. American Bandogge

American Bandogge is another dog with a bite force of 730 PSI. The look alone proves that it is not a dog to mess up with if you want to live well. The bite of this dog is strong enough to tear the limb and fill your body with scars. Bandogs are developed with the purpose of them serving as formidable guardians when you are in need. Although the origin remains unknown, the beast is strong enough to stop both man and beasts.

3. Cane Corso

Cane Corso is another breed of dog that has a strong bite. The dog has a bit force of 700 PSI, making it one of the Italy most valued canine. Talking about the Roman antiquity, this dog is a perfect descendant. In rural areas, these breeds of dogs are used as catch dogs, while many make use of these dogs as sentries and attack dogs by night guards, tax collectors, and carters. The large and imposing head makes the dog a fearful one and a fearless opponent to any threat coming its way. They are very obedient and affectionate to family members, and they are very intelligent and always ready to learn.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

This breed has a bite force of 556 PSI, and it is rated as one of the oldest Molosser-type breed hailing from the ancient city of Bordeaux. Dogue De Bordeaux is also referred to as French Mastiff and Bordeaux Mastiff. Amazingly, this dog has been around since the 14th century. They are assigned to various capacities which often include brute strength. They are also useful for pulling carts, hauling objects, guarding livestock, and act as watchdogs for the mansion and many more. Unless you threaten the dog, it is relatively calm and won’t hurt or threaten you. The build is powerful, and the dog has a Monstrous skull, and this dog is rated as the largest canine in the world.

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5. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu with a bite force of 556 PSI is another huge dog with a strong bite force. The dog is a product of crossbreeding European dogs with the sole goal of creating fierce canine gladiators. Between 1924 and 1933, Tosa Inu became very popular. Only thief and unwanted visitors need to be scared of the dog since the dog is dignified, honest, and very loyal. As long as they receive proper training and great leadership, the dog can easily cope with its environment. In some country, keeping such a dog is very illegal due to its dark history.

6. English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is another dog with a bite force of 556 PSI. Talking about calmness, this dog can be very calm and powerful when they need to be. Molossus is the ancestor of these breeds, and they are known for being useful at war and ferocious. The dog is giant in structure and very gentle. In fact, they are good at staying around children and caring for them. Their bite force is enormous and can break any bone in the body of their predator.

7. Dogo Canario

The bite strength of Dogo Canario is around 500 PSI, no wonder many are scared of these breeds. If you are preparing for hunting, look no further, this dog exhibit unmatched tenacity when hunting and they are perfect for protecting their owner. The quick reflexes, the stature makes it ideal for all safety activities you may want it for. Wild boars and buffalos can easily be brought down by these breeds easily.

8. Wolfdog

A wolfdog is very popular, and they rank high among dogs with tough bite power. The dog has a bite force of 406 PSI, and they are hybrid between a wolf and the domestic dogs. They are very dangerous to keep compared to normal dogs. Don’t play when they are angry; they can crush tough bones easily.

Wrap Up

These are just some of the deadliest dogs in the world when it comes to dog bite power.  For most of them, they don’t flaunt their strength unless they are pushed to, so if you need dogs for securing your home and protection, these are the best options for you.

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