What Dog Breed Is The Smartest?

What Dog Breed Is The Smartest?

What dog breed is the smartest? This is obviously one of the most asked questions among those planning to get dogs as pet, for crime detection, amongst others. If you are an intending dog owner, you may be concerned about this question also.

Some dogs are naturally fun to be worth, some are lovable, but some breeds stand out when it comes to intelligence and following commands. Several tests have been carried out to make decisions about the best breed of smart dogs. Hence, this article will be based on the result of these surveys. By the end of this article, you should know what dog breed is the smartest. But what does it mean to have a smart dog?

What makes a dog smart?

Several factors are added together to decide if a dog is smart or not. The instinct, the obedience level, and the ability of the dog to adapt are some of the essential features. Their superior qualities add to what makes them smart.

Does size play a part?

Another question many ask is if the dog size plays a part in their smartness. This has not been confirmed as a fact yet, but there are chances that larger dogs remember things longer compared to smaller dogs.

Smartest Dog Breeds to Choose From


So what dog breed is the smartest? Which dog ranks high when talking about intelligence? The smart dog breeds will be discussed in this section.

1. Border Collie

In every intelligence ranking for dogs around the world, Border collie always comes very high. Under a few seconds, most of this type of breed learn new commands and follow it at least 95% of the time they are instructed. This breed is energetic, affectionate, and smart. They have herding eyes that are mostly used for staring and herding other animals down.

2. Poddle

In the rank of popular dog breeds, poddles comes within the first seven according to recent dog report. They are not just high on the list for no reason; one of the main reasons is their intelligence; they are very smart and possess several hypoallergenic qualities. The body of poddle is curly coated, and several surveys agree to the fact that the dog is highly intelligent and smart. You can easily train them to hunt, track, return, and obey your commands. No wonder, poddles is the national dog of France.

3. German Shepherd

Another popular dog breed around the world is a German shepherd. This is actually not surprising because this breed is confident, smart, and courageous. No matter the task you need dogs for, they are your first short, the first option to pick from. They are often used as police dogs or service dogs. They really don’t show affection to visitors coming to their home, for them, anyone apart from a family member and known visitors every other person is a threat to the breed.

4. Golden Retriever

If you need intelligent dogs, this is another perfect option to choose from. They are very smart, friendly, and devoted when used as sporting dogs. If you will be hunting or when working in SAR (Search and rescue), and if you just need a companion, this is your best option.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher is known for being strong, with a high level of endurance, and unquestionable speed. But more importantly, this dog is known for its smartness and ability to retain necessary training either to become a guard dog, police dog, or war dog. This breed of dogs got their start from the early 19th century due to the need for a German tax collector Dobermann. If you need fearless dogs, look no further, this is your smart and fearless dog.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland sheepdogs are relatively smaller when compared to collies. They are distinctive and unique by their special herding skills, agility, and more importantly, their obedience trails. They are also very playful and love to learn new tricks when playing with kids. Shelties are very loyal and affectionate to their families. They are reserved toward strangers and are known for barking strangers.

7. Labrador Retriever

If you love to have smart dogs, Labrador Retriever is your perfect option. They are very intelligent, family-friendly, and gentle. In the united states, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dog for more than 27 years in a row. Their intelligence makes them perfect for serving as guard dogs, rescue dogs, narcotic detection dogs, and protecting their owner.

8. Papillon

Papillon is always alert, very friendly, and one happy dog. In French, Papillon means butterfly. This name was given to this breed because of its butterfly-like ears. This breed can be fast, versatile, and athletic in nature. They are not aggressive and are not shy. One good thing about this dog is that they can be trained to do different kinds of skills. When used for competitive agility rails, they always come first.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are very popular, they are a loyal breed, they are also very loving and a confident guard dog. They are always ready to work and are best used as police dogs, herders, therapy dogs, and service dogs. They are a devoted companion and obedient competitor. This breed of dogs descended from the drover’s dogs in ancient Rome.

10. Bloodhound

Bloodhound breed of dog has long wrinkled faces and big droopy ears. Independently, they are inquisitive and friendly. They are also very intelligent and have strong scenting power, and their determination to carry out any needed task surpasses those of any other breed.

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Wrap Up

The question of what dog breed is the smartest has been answered as ten of the smartest dogs in the world have been discussed in this article. Individually, they have skills and features that make them special and different from other breeds. These features make them perfect for use in different fields and for several purposes. If you need smart dogs for your home, work, or for securing your properties, dogs on this list tick all you need. Even if your dog is presently not intelligent, you can train them to be, since dogs respond quickly to training.

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