What Dog Breed Attacks The Most?

What Dog Breed Attacks The Most?

What dog breeds attack most? In the United States of America alone, there are over 60 million dogs owned and reared by individuals. Dogs have always been seen as loyal and courageous buddies. Hence, the issue of dog attacks have engendered intense debate. While dog attack activists want stricter dog-ownership laws enacted, loyalists state that the fears/concerns are overblown. However, breed traits like loyalty, protectiveness, and strength are admirable dog qualities. It is noteworthy that these same characteristics can lead to aggressiveness and cases of harm in certain circumstances.

Dog Breeds That Attack Most

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While the study of dog attacks is not a straightforward activity, there exist several in-depth studies that capture the essence of the problem. One of these studies is the one conducted by the editor of ANIMALS 24-7. Note that every pet displays unique facets to their conduct, and one dog’s actions don’t necessarily speak for an entire breed. Below is a compilation of 17 dog breeds that attack most.

1. Plott Hounds

This breed of dogs is naturally athletic. This athleticism demands that this dog spends ample time exercising and being outdoors. Though studies show that that Plott hounds are often gentle around people. However, when they are at work or are focused on a task, they can become relentless and edgy. Attacks by Plott hounds number in the region of a score or less, without recorded cases of fatalities.

2. Australian Shepherd

Farmers have always used the Australian Shepherd in reining in sheep and other farm animals. By nature, Australian Shepherds are extremely active, working dogs who don’t like to stay idle and without work. They are also fiercely protective; this characteristic may result in the dog attacking humans. The scale of such attacks causing bodily harm comes in at 11.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever ranks among the favorites of many families around the world. Goldens are often friendly and blend in with family set-ups. However, when these dogs are not properly socialized, they are susceptible to engaging in violent/aggressive behavior. Over a determined period, Golden Retrievers have caused 11 cases of bodily harm and three fatalities.

4. Saint Bernard

They may look snuggly, but Saint Bernards are vast and powerful dogs. Besides Saint Bernards can also be aggressive and display traits of dominance amid other dogs. This breed might sometimes carryover this dominance to humans, with reported cases 12 attacks and one fatality in the period investigated.

5. Malamute

The malamute bears a striking resemblance to its counterpart in the wild; the wolf. A consequence of this, Malamutes exhibit a dominant instinct. Also, this dog tends toward displaying pack hierarchy that can sometimes be problematic. Statistics for the Malamute include 15 attacks on humans as well as six deaths.

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6. Bulldog(English)

Bulldogs were originally bred to fulfill herding and baiting obligations. This genetic training often means that bulldogs often display innate traits of dominance. Consequently, there have been 20 attacks on humans resulting in bodily harm and one fatality.

7. Cane Corso/Italian Mastiff

Mastiffs tend to behave themselves upon receiving proper conditioning/training. However, their protective/dominant instincts come to bear when they meet strangers. This behavior has resulted in 21 cases of attacks on people as well as two deaths.

8. Doberman

The Police and Military favor Dobermans for security purposes. They are also fiercely loyal breeds. This loyalty sees them rack up 23 incidents of human attacks and a high score of eight deaths in the period under observation.

9. Mastiff

Mastiffs are another powerful breed of dogs that do not give place to fear and shyness. Often, these dogs lean towards aggression, especially toward strangers. Mastiffs have the undesirable record of inflicting bodily injuries on 28 persons and causing fatalities in 5.

1o. Great Dane

The Great Dane features among the breeds of susceptible dogs. Dogs like the Great Dane can be conditioned to welcome strangers. However, there are times when stressful situations could prompt the animal to provocation and aggressiveness. Statistics reveal 37 cases of personal attacks for the Dane, including three fatalities.

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11. Australian Cattle Dogs

These energetic dogs are often socialized and stimulated by their external environment.  The Australian Cattle dogs feature species such as the Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, and Queensland Heelers depending on their coloring and origins. If these animals display behavior such as nipping at the heels, they should be cautioned. Otherwise, such actions could lead to further aggressive behavior like the estimates of 38 cases involving attacks on humans. Within the period, Australian dogs accounted for one fatality.

12. Labrador

This breed of dogs is popular in the United States of America and environs. They are trained to be mild-mannered and athletic. But some instances bring out the aggression in them, resulting in 38 cases of attacks on people and three deaths.

13. Chow

The Chow constitutes a very protective, aloof, and territorial breed. This dog has natural, sunken eyes. This situation limits the animal’s peripheral vision, which might make it edgy and aggressive. This edginess comes with real consequences in the region of 68 attacks causing bodily harm as well as eight deaths.

14. Boxers

These dogs are naturally playful. They relish activities that involve tumbling and playing rough. However, once Boxers are provoked, the consequence is often aggressive behavior. Statistics give the Boxer 64 cases of personal attacks and seven fatalities within the period.

15. Akita

This dog bears a close resemblance to the wolf in the wild. The Akita possesses a protective spirit that can be quickly triggered by a potential threat. Besides, they are known to respond and react to threats promptly. This response rate is responsible for seventy attacks causing bodily harm as well as eight deaths.

16. Bullmastiffs

Many Bullmastiffs take their protection duties with the highest levels of responsibility. They are often fearless and confident. However, this protective nature of this breed of dogs could get overboard. Statistics show that Bullmastiffs cause over 100 cases of personal attacks, with eleven recorded deaths.

17. Pitbulls

This powerful breed of dogs rank as arguably the most powerful and dominant species on this list. Pitbulls have been involved in over 3,397 cases of attacks on people, with a staggering count of 295 fatalities.

Wrap Up

The list above has highlighted 17 dog breeds that attack most, based on a research conducted. You will do yourself a lot of good to watch out for these breeds, else you may be at risk to suffer attacks from any of them.

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