Best Shock Collar For Long Haired Dogs

Best Shock Collar For Long Haired Dogs

Do you have problems with your long haired dog listening to instructions or barking continuously without control? Does your canine friend jump on your visitors and disturb them all the time? Buying the best shock collar for long haired dogs which can be appropriately used as a training tool could be the answer to your dog problems. This device can help you restore law and order in the house again.

We have outlined some of the best shock collars for long-haired dogs to make it stress-free for you when making your choice in the market.

We have a detailed review of our recommended shock collars, and as well as identify some of the useful tips on choosing the best shock collar for your long haired dogs.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Shock Collar For Long Haired Dogs

Don’t go about thinking all shock collars are the same in the market as this is totally wrong.

There are varieties of differences between each shock collars being offered in the market which is why it is essential to take careful consideration about several things before you go ahead to choose what shock collar is best for your long haired dog.


As a dog lover or owner, your dog’s well being and safety should be the first thing on your mind.

You do not want a shock collar that will injure or hurt your dog or even leave your dog traumatized. But instead, you will prefer shock collars that will help to quickly and efficiently train your dog to get rid of unwanted behaviors.

It is best to choose an e-collar that uses sound and vibrations training modes and warnings rather than the one that delivers shock directly.

Most of the manufacturers of these collars recommend that static shock collars should be preferred only in dangerous times.

Dog size and temperament

It is crucial that your training collar fits properly on your dog’s neck. It is preferable that you choose the adjustable ones. Many ones are of a perfect fit for smaller dogs. You should also consider that your dog is hairy.

If your hairy dog is stubborn, you may want to go for shock collars that offer greater stimulation. However, it must not be cruel or dangerous.

Range of the shock collar

Be sure to a shock collar that comes with sufficient range for your need. You can also choose to purchase a more extended range shock collar because the shorter range product may end up being useless and might even be dangerous to the dog. So it is essential that you pick a collar with the range that answers to your need.

Some of the shock collars we have reviewed in this article come with remote control, which can work through the walls.

Reliability and speed

The idea behind vibration or shock stimulation is to be able to trigger it to stop your dog’s unwanted behavior instantly. So it is essential to look out for shock collars that work faster and is reliable with its wireless connectivity. Doing this will ensure instant trigger at the appropriate time.


To keep tabs of your dog’s safety during snowy times or raining time you should choose rather buy a shock collar that can resist water splash.

Some collars are even submersible in water, so it is best you consider this for the safety of the collar and the dog.

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5 Best Shock Collar For Long Haired Dogs 

#1. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainer

The SportDog SD 425 is one of the best e-collar for the year 2019.

This product is designed to be lightweight, and it also comes as a waterproof dog collar, which is a result of the Drytek material used for both collar and receiver. What this means is that your dog can swim safely without damaging the collar and you can submerge the product for as deep as 25 feet.

If you want to train your dog for obedience, this is the best collar that can help you do that. The product is also great for your companion dogs and hunting dogs.

This collar is designed to come in varieties as there is one that features a lower stimulation level for your small dogs or pups and the other high stimulation collar, which is suitable for stubborn and bigger dogs.




#2. Garmin Pro Trashbreaker

This is the next in line in our best five dog shock collars, and you will find the Garmin Pro Trashbreaker a high-end quality product. It can control up to 9 dogs through the available single hand-held remote controller.

This product features a long-range control ability that works within a range of 4 miles, this is why you will love hunting and training your dogs with this product.

It also comes with a tone or static stimulation regulator, and it has about 6 different intensity levels that are easily adjusted through the intuitive dial buttons.

Finally, the integrated LED light feature allows you to see and keep track of the dog movement within 100 yards in dark times.



#3. POP VIEW Bark Collar

This product is the best budget buy product on the market, and this does not reduce the quality of the pop view bark collar.

The POP VIEW Bark Collar is very humane and harmless, and it is perfect for training your medium and small sized dogs.

If you have a constantly barking dog, this device can help you train the dog to reduce the barking by using a painless approach.

Furthermore, the product doesn’t come with shock simulation as it relies on vibration and sound to warn your dog to stop barking or doing other disturbing unwanted behaviors.

Finally, the product comes with an adjustable stimulation level that is right on the collar itself.


#4. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Talk about pain-free and profoundly humane collars for your dog, this is the best option, and it also comes with lots of features and quality. The product is quite cheap, and yet the quality and features have never waned.

This is a harmless mode of training for your dog because it is highly humane. It doesn’t require force and pain stimulation to get your dog back in order.

Furthermore, the product is being presented in a series of colors like orange, camo, black, zen, and yellow.

This device was engineered by experienced dog trainers, and this is why it is easy to use.

Finally, this product does not offer sharp shock stimulation, unlike other products of its kind.



#5. PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

This product is genuinely perfect for those with stubborn and problematic dogs that find it hard to listen to simple corrections.

The PetTech PT0Z1 helps you handle the dog and also help to get rid of behaviors that are unwanted with efficiency.

This product is made to have a static shock option which can be employed as the last resort.  However, this product is presented with nifty vibration and sound warning features that will tell the dog to stop and obey.

Finally, the product is cheap, and it comes with a lifetime warranty package, and the device can be used on all dog types ranging from 10 to 100lbs.




Using A Shock Collar: Pros And Cons   

It is no longer news that lots of controversies are ongoing about the use of shock collars. Some countries have completely banned this device from being used.

Animal welfare organizations and activists have all been condemning the use of these devices as it is considered inhumane and painful to the animals.

Some dog trainers in the United States have praised the use of this device and talked about the pros and cons of having the device.


  • These devices have been improved and made to be much safer and free of pain for dogs.
  • The improved ones now have just sounds and vibration with no shock modes. The shock modes still exist for some of these devices but should only be used during emergencies.
  • All of our top reviewed products come with adjustable vibration and shock levels. This helps you pick the required level based on the situation and the size of your dog.
  • The Educator E-collar offers a blunt rather than a forceful shock training mode that uses tap on the neck rather than use a painful shock.
  • Most of these shock collars now have wide ranges of stimulations that make it easy to customize to your taste and that of your pet.
  • The training results of these shock collars are also pretty quick.


  • Sometimes the shock stimulations result in physical and mental stress for your canine friend
  • Misuse of these collars can cause suffering to the dog.
  • Using this without caution or control may result in physical and emotional injury for the dog. This is why it is essential to set the level and timing of the shock correction always.
  • The effects of shock collars can sometimes be counterproductive, which can make some dogs grow on anxiety, fear, and aggression and become resistant to the taming effect.

How to effectively and safely use the shock collars for your dog.

  • Be sure to adjust the training modes and the stimulus levels in accordance to your dog’s size, nature, and sensitivity. The reason for this is simple; you don’t want to startle your friend.
  • Ensure to fix the collar correctly on your dog’s neck to be able to transmit the static shocks or vibrations effectively.
  • Also, endeavor to use the inserts properly to the required size for accurate contact on the collar.
  • We recommend that you use the manual provided before using the shock collars on your dog.
  • Finally, watch your dog for reactions after you use a shock signal, some dogs will look startled, some will stop, and some will start to look around for danger. Be sure to understand what your reaction should be at each time.


Buying the best shock dog collar for long haired dogs does not only help to make your dog obedient, but it also trains problematic and aggressive dogs to be tame and act appropriately.

Achieving this feat is not only perfect for you as a dog trainer; it is also great for the dog’s safety and wellbeing.

Go ahead and choose any of the reviewed best shock collar for long haired dogs and be ready to start training your dog to make it a more loving pet or efficient work dog again.

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