Best Flea Protection For Puppies

Best Flea Protection For Puppies

The best flea protection for puppies should be convenient, effective, and safe to use around kids, adults, and animals. Getting flea protection for puppies can be a very stressful task as a result of the overly populated market.

However, we have been able to make this process easy for you by providing the necessary guide and information to lead you through the buying process.

We have listed several criteria for selection, and also some frequently asked questions to make sure you make the best choice for your animal friend.

Finally, there is a list of the five best flea protection for puppies on the market that will make your puppy remain safe from parasites for a long time.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Flea Protection For Puppies

Before you go ahead to purchase the best flea protection for puppies, you will need to put a lot into consideration. There are a series of things to consider:

Type of Flea Protection

Do you want a spot on treatment or oral treatment? Both types of treatments are perfect for use on your puppies as they are the most effective in the market today.

  • Spot-on

These are concentrated liquid formulas that are applied through the back of your puppy’s neck, and within 24 hours it dissolves into the skin of the dog which then kills the fleas in the process and also stopping the development of new generation fleas.

  • Oral medications

This type of treatment uses insecticides that are transferred directly into the dog’s bloodstream within an hour of use. When the fleas come biting, they ingest the medications and die. These are super-fast in acting than the spot-ons because they destroy all the fleas within an hour. However, it does not protect your dogs from future infestations, unlike the spot-ons.


These flea treatments contain pesticides. As much as the flea treatments are approved by EPA, some of the treatments can still result in side effects for humans and animals if they are not properly handled.

To be safe from injuries or side effects, it is essential to know the pesticides to avoid by visiting the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC).

Alternative treatment for ticks

Ticks and fleas are two different parasites, but they still make life miserable for your pets so it is advisable that you consider buying a product that can treat both issues first hand without having to go and buy another form of treatment for ticks.

In this case, the spot on treatment that also kills ticks is the best choice for your pets because it kills the fleas and also gets rid of the ticks.

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The 5 Best Flea Protection For Puppies

#1.  Advecta II Flea Treatment

This is one of the most budget friendly and quality flea treatments for your puppy, and it works just as fine as other leading brands.

This product is made to contain powerful ingredients that automatically repels and exterminate fleas and lice within 12 hours.

The upside of this product is that it prevents your puppy from being infested again for four months after initial use.

This is a waterproof and fragrance-free formula that comes with the convenience of use, and it kills all fleas at all life stages.



#2. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

This is an oral treatment medication that works perfectly on your puppies and cats, which makes it multifunctional.

It is a powerful flea killer as it works within 4 hours of administering. A single dose of this flea killer will immediately spring to action in your puppy, but effects are going to be seen after four hours of application.

You can administer this high-quality dosage by directly placing it in your puppy mouth or by inserting it into their foods.

This product deals with infestation with high efficiency, and the brand is known to give the best of quality treatments for dogs.


#3. Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog

If you are a proud owner of small dogs or puppies the Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog is one of the most efficient flea killers on the market.

This frontline plus flea medicine for small dogs is made to be waterproof, and it helps to destroy parasites with efficiency.

Furthermore, this product is designed to be used on dogs with 5-22 lbs. in weight, and it works without stopping for 30 days full.

This product is sure to kill fleas; eggs laid by fleas, ticks and stop the growth of new infestation. Overall, you will love that you invested your money on this product.


Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog


#4. Bayer Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment

This product comes with great uniqueness and high-quality ingredients that make it easy to stop the infestation of fleas and also kill the fleas.

It is a topical treatment for your dogs or puppies, and it can kill multiple fleas from the onset of their life stages to the adult flea.

This product begins to show signs of working within 12 hours, and it is strong enough to protect your pets for 30 days.

Finally, this product is designed to be waterproof while also being waterproof; the product is also available for small dogs and bigger dogs.




#5. PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment for Small Dogs

This is a fast-acting medicine for flea infection on your small dogs. The PetAmour flea & tick medicine is designed to last you for a long time.

The product comes in a value pack, and it contains supplies that will last you for six months for your puppies.

This product kills fleas, the eggs, larvae, lice, and ticks, and the process of destroying the parasites starts within 24 hours.

This is a waterproof design and can be used on puppies or dogs with 23-44 Lbs in weight.

Overall, this product is cheap and does not miss out on the quality front as a result of this.





Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different flea treatment types for dogs?

There are different types of flea treatments for dogs. In this article, we chose the best spot-on treatment and oral medications as a result of buying convenience and the ease of administering the medications. Other available forms of treatments include:

Flea collar: this contains insecticides that automatically absorbs into the dog’s fat layer or repels the flea in other to kill them. The ones that have been well researched can last you for up to six to twelve weeks.

Flea shampoos: this type of flea treatment kills the adult fleas immediately, and it just basically lasts for 24 hours the same as oral medications.

These types of treatments are known to use highly potent insecticides, and they are basically used to treat a severe form of infestations. However, these types of treatment are a little messier to use than the spot on medications.

Flea sprays: these types of treatments last longer on a dog’s skin like oils, and it works just like the spot on type of treatment. However, these types of treatment come a lot more diluted, and it has to be applied to the entire body part of the dog. Also, the convenience of use is not really applicable to this type of treatment.

How does flea treatment work?

Flea treatments make use of insecticides or pesticides to kill or repel the fleas that are being harbored on your dog’s body. It is noteworthy that all insecticides use for flea medication is to be tested and approved by the environmental protection agency before it is sold to the consumers. This makes it safe to use on pets and around humans.

Additionally, insecticides that kill adults fleas like PetAmour plus or Frontline plus make use of something known as an insect growth regulator (IGR). These chemicals mimic the natural hormones of these insects to prevent the egg laying process for the fleas. By preventing the fleas from laying eggs, it stops your pet from getting infested again.

What happens if my dog reacts badly to the medication?

For safety, you are advised to take your dog to the veterinary doctor, should this happen after office hours you are advised to go the emergency animal hospital that is near you.

The product package mostly comes with an emergency number that you can call, be sure to go through the pack.


Owning a dog shouldn’t be about fleas and ticks, it should be a lot more fun for you as a pet owner. This is why it is vital that you keep your pets healthy and happy so they can make you happy too.

Keeping them healthy should not be a tough ask, as all you need to do is protect them from parasites that will alter their healthy living like fleas and ticks.

To do this, you will require the best flea protection for puppies. This article has helped to give some vital information that will help you through the process.

Finally, any of the above listed and reviewed products will immediately keep your pets safe and free from fleas.

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