Best Dog Ear Cleaner For Yeast

Best Dog Ear Cleaner For Yeast

With frequent ear infection cases amongst dogs, and more common incidents of ear problems like dirt accumulation, yeast infection, and gunk in your dog’s ears are even pretty rampant. Having the best dog ear cleaner for yeast infection is inevitable.

A visit to your vet is the most sensible thing to do. However, there is a standard solution prescribed by vets for yeast infection. Why spend more money and waste time when you could actually treat your dog’s ear infections and problems?

This article is a product of hours spent on selecting the best dog ear cleaner for yeast. You can be sure it will save you a lot of stress and time wasting.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Dog Ear Cleaner For Yeast

The ear is one of the most neglected parts of the dog’s body, and it is vital that you take care of it. While it can be challenging to choose which is best for the treatment of your dog’s ears, there are still products that will effectively cure any form of infection in your dog ears.

Below are some essential things to consider before going on to buy the best dog ear cleaner for yeast.

Level of infection

As soon as you’re sure that your dog has an ear infection, the next thing is to know how bad the ear infection is. You can then choose which of the dog ear cleaners to use for the dog afterward. The level of your dog ear infection will help you determine the extent and quality of the ear cleaner you are buying.

Some ear cleaners work well as a preventive mechanism for your dog’s ear infection, while some work as a cure. Be sure to consider all these before you buy your dog’s next ear cleaner.


When you are choosing your next dog ear cleaner, it is essential that you put safety first as this will keep your canine friend very active and healthy. Some ear cleaners may cause irritation on your dog’s ear or skin; this is why you should read the recommendations from the manufacturer before going forward to use any ear treatment on your dogs

It is necessary to seek advice from your vet before proceeding to buy a dog ear cleaner for your dog. Also, some ear cleaners may also irritate the human skin, it is best that you also pay attention to this subject in that regards.


So many ear cleaners for dogs are presently circulating the market, and this can make it hard to know which to put your money on because there are many brands with low price and yet still work well and this can play a trick on the mind,

However, the big brands with expensive products also sell quality ear cleaners; you just have to pay attention to your need and specifications.

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The 5 Best Dog Ear Cleaner For Yeast

#1. ZYMOX Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone

This dog ear cleaner is an absolute best on the market of ear cleaners today, and this is because it works within a short space of time.

Regardless of the type of ear infection troubling your pet’s ears ranging from yeast to ear mites or Staphylococcus aureus, just be sure this will always work perfectly to get rid of the infection.

The universal positive review attributed to this ear cleaner has a lot to say about the effectiveness of this product.

The most thrilling fact about this product is its ability to function without antibiotic, which makes it highly effective against infections that are already resistant to the antibiotic.

Finally, the result of this treatment is noticed within a few hours of use on your dog.


#2. Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment

This is another best buy ear cleaner for your canine friend, and unlike our first pick, this is a budget-friendly product that does a proper job of getting rid of ear infections.

This product will work for your dog’s ear with highly rated effectiveness; however; this product takes time before you see the effect.

The product is made with unique formulas that comprise of antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-yeast ingredients.

Another fascinating advantage to this product is its ability to work on the skin to fight against rashes, and it does this with no health risk involved.

Finally, this product is gentle on how it works on your pet’s ears, and it also helps to get rid of the smell.



#3. VetWELL Dog Ear Cleaner 

This comes as one of the most budget-friendly canine ear cleaners in the market and what makes it great is that the low price tag has no significant effect on the efficiency of the product.

You can use this product as your scheduled routine ear cleaning for your dog, and it also helps to rid the ear of gust and dirt within a short space of time.

It treats ear infection like the yeast and mites, and it comes with 5% alcohol, which should not come as a challenge to your dog’s ears except your dog’s ears are sensitive.

Also, this ear cleaner works gently on the ear, and it comes with a fascinating smell.


#4. Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner

In terms of budget, this comes as highly recommended, and it is ideal for cleaning of your dog’s ear.

In the process of your dog’s having lots of wax, debris and dirt build up in their ears, you will notice that the dog begin to shake its head immediately you apply this treatment.

Be sure to leave the dog to go through this process because this helps the dog get rid of the dirt, debris, and fluid.

What makes this super good for your dog is it helps to keep infection at bay; however; it is not effective in the treatment of already infected ears.

Overall, this product will serve you well and help to prevent infections while also taking care of the ear’s routine cleaning and all these can be achieved with just a token because this product is not expensive.


#5. Cardinal Gold Medal Groomers Ear Powder

This is another very unique ear cleaning product that is explicitly designed to get rid of irritations and itchiness in the ears. The product helps to treat other issues like yeast, odor, and wetness in the ear. It also helps to clip out unwanted hair growth around your pet’s ear.

This product was reviewed to be celebrated by a customer who attested that this product was able to treat the ear problem that always makes her dog scratch until it bleeds.

Furthermore, the product goes a long way in the process of making your dog’s ear feeling comfortable and healthy.


Important Points To Note When Using Dog Ear Cleaners

Apart from knowing that most of the dog ear cleaners should not be used on dogs with bruised skin, there are several other things to keep in mind when using ear cleaners.

  • You are to know that ear cleaners like the above reviewed Zymox ear cleaner does not require initial cleaning of your dog’s ear before use so that you can get the best cleaning result on your dog’s ear.
  • Some of the cleaners on the market require that you flush your dog’s ears after every use or you initiate the dog to shake its head to get rid of the fluid and dirt in the ears.
  • It is also crucial that you don’t forget to remove excess dog ear cleaner in your dog’s ears. Some excess cleaner will not go down to the dog’s ear canal, so make sure they are removed immediately.
  • When you are using the dog ear cleaner just for the treatment of infection, it is essential that you use it frequently than when you are using it for routine cleaning of your dog’s ears.
  • Almost all the ear cleaners on the market require that you use the cleaners with generosity for the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Should there be symptoms of irritation on your canine friend after using a cleaner, be sure to discontinue the use and visit your vet immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes yeast infections in the ears?

A dog’s ear canal plunges in a downward position, and this makes it stay farther away from the ear opening. This gives the yeast a favorable environment to grow. If your dog is frequent with swimming or baths regularly, water trapped in the ears or debris can lead to yeast infection.

Other allergens like pollens, dust, mold, feathers, cigarette smoke, certain foods, and some cleaning products can all lead to infection in your dog’s ears.

Yeast infection can also grow on your dog’s skin. When this happens, it makes the skin of your dog scabby, reddened, crusty, and it produces a foul odor.

Are some dog breeds more susceptible to yeast infections?

Ear Infections caused by yeast are more rampant amongst dogs with floppy ears, like the spaniels, basset hounds, cocker, golden retrievers, poodles, and Labrador retrievers. Some dog breeds that have growing hair in their inner ear canal like the Schnauzers are also prone to yeast infection. It is the same with dogs that have allergies.

How can you prevent ear infections in dogs?

If you have pooch dog breed, it is essential that you regularly check for discharge, swelling, and odor, this will help you know that there is a possible infection in the dog’s ears.

If you have dogs with growing hair in their ear openings, be sure to ask your dog’s groomer to trim it or tweeze it. You can also do this by yourself if your dog allows you, but you have to be very careful. Be sure to pluck hairs that are directly visible to your eyes.


It is with absolute conviction that all of our above-reviewed product will work correctly on almost all the dogs it comes in contact with.

However, this doesn’t mean all other ear cleaners for yeast does not work well, but this is merely saying these are the best dog ear cleaner for yeast on the market.

The Zymox dog ear cleaner is a top quality ear cleaner that works perfectly fine and helps to get rid of infections relating to yeast and all other with complete efficiency.

We hope that this article would be of great help in helping you to choose the best dog ear cleaner for yeast.

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