Best Dog Brush For Mats

Best Dog Brush For Mats

To prevent your dog from becoming matted, you need to get the best dog brush for mats. Matting or tangling can quickly make your dog look ugly and unkempt, but with a good brush, grooming your dog becomes easier.

Dematting your dog is something that must be done regularly, it shouldn’t be left for when you are free. Apart from making your dog look unkempt, without proper care for the hair of dogs, they can easily be affected by infection and diseases.  You can only protect the long hair of your dog by brushing it regularly. In this review, our attention will be on the best dog brush for mats. We will consider some essential factors that will help you select the best one, and why you need to get a brush at all costs. We will also explore 5 of the best dog brushes for mats, and features that make them the best. 

Criteria for Selecting Best Dog Brush for Mats

To get the best dog brush for mats, you need to understand some basic features. There are different types of brush, with different functions, yet, you can still get the best for dematting your dog if you consider factors like: 

Brush size

Dog brushes are delivered in varying sizes, there are some big brushes and some smaller brushes that can be used on your dog. The size of the dog will define how big or small the brush you are selecting will be. Bigger dogs require bigger brushes, while smaller dogs would enjoy using small brushes. If you pick a smaller brush for a bigger dog, there is no way you’ll remove the tangles. 

Coating type

Dogs come with different types of coats. This coat is another essential factor that influences the type of brush you will get for your dog. For dogs with short coats, you can use a bristle brush on them. If, on the other hand, the dog has long hair, a dense undercoat brush will work better. Longer hair will not work well with brushes that are too soft, and hard brush will definitely injure your small puppy or smaller dogs. 

Cleaning ease

The best way to keep your dog healthy is by cleaning the brush you use for dematting the dog. Washing the brush regularly will help prevent the build-up of bacteria on the brush, which can affect your dog significantly if not eliminated. Hence, you should be able to remove hairs trapped in between the brush and wash easily. You should be able to remove the hair in the shortest amount of time. If cleaning the brush is not easy, buying is dangerous. 


The price of the brush is another factor to consider. Some highly expensive ones will last for a long time, and some that are offered at highly discounted prices may or may not be the best option. The number of additional features and the material used for the design of the brush plays a significant role in defining how expensive the brush will be. Some brushes with many teeth will cost more compared to brushes with fewer teeth.

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5 Best Dog Brush for Mats

#1. Pet Grooming Tool

As one of the best dog brush for mats, this 2-in-1 dual-head brush starts brushing the stubborn mats on your dogs with 9 teeth side and completes it with the 17 teeth side for easy thinning and deshedding. You can use this brush for a quicker result and effective dematting. The brush is absolutely safe for your dog as it comes with no-scratch rounded outside teeth that instead of harming, gently scratches and massages the skin of your dog. When you use this brush regularly for brushing the skin of your dog, you can easily remove dead undercoat and keep the fur of your dog in top condition. The brush is highly durable and easy to use.

#2. k9konnection DEMATTING Tool for Dogs and Cats

This is another undercoat rake that helps you effectively get rid of mats on your dog. This brush is suitable for dogs with curly hair like Goldendoodle or dogs with thick coats like a Golden Retriever. The brush is gentle on the skin of your dogs, and the dual-sided blades make caring for long and mat hair easier. The brush has sturdy blades and high-quality handles. The blades are sharp, and the handle makes controlling the brush easier. If your goal is to keep your dog clean and get rid of mats, this brush is safe and makes that possible for you. It works perfectly for all breeds of dog and makes them beautiful within a few minutes.

#3. MIU COLOR Pet Grooming Tool, Pet Dematting Comb

This is another high-quality 2-sided grooming brush that makes getting rid of mats on your dog easier. As one of the best dog brushes for mats, the brush has a total of 26 teeth which is suitable for your long dog hair. You start brushing with 9 teeth and finish brushing the dog hair with 17 teeth. This makes thinning and deshedding your dog easier. This brush is gentle on the skin of your dog and can help with increasing blood flow in your dog, without causing any harm.  The ergonomic design of the brush makes the handle safe for your hands due to the soft grip it features. If there are tough mats, the teeth inner side with its sharp blade will help you overpower even the toughest mats.

#4. Dog Brush and Cat Brush – 2-Sided Pet Grooming Tool

This is another high-quality 2-sided dog brush that is suitable for deshedding and getting rid of tangles on your dog. As one of the best dog brush for mats, you can start brushing your dog with the 22 teeth side of this brush and end with the 87 teeth side of the brush. This gives a total of 109 teeth for brushing and getting rid of mats on your dog. The brush makes grooming the hair more comfortable and helps remove dead undercoat on the fur of your dog. The teeth of the inner side of the brush are so sharp that it can easily cut through all mats present on your dog hair. This brush reduces shedding your dog by up to 95%.

#5. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This is another best dog brush for mats that will help improve the look and feel of your dog hair. This brush is designed to efficiently help you eliminate tangles, remove loose hair, knots, dander, and trapped dirt. Cleaning this brush after use is very easy, you can easily click the button and allow the bristle to retract back into the brush and then allow you to remove all the hair attached to the brush easily. This brush is comfortable, strong, and durable for your dog. The comfort grip makes handling the brush easier for you, the anti-slip feature of the brush will also ensure you grip the brush well and handle it the way you want.

Benefits of Using the Best Dog Brush for Mats 

Here are some of the top benefits of making use of the best dog brush for mats in your dog:

  • Remove tangles: with the best brush, the first visible result is the removal of tangles which leads to preventing the formation of mats in your dog. If you have a long-coated dog, then you can easily demat the dog with the brush. 
  • Distribution of natural oils: the fur of dogs often secret natural oils that help as a natural coolant, and prevent the invasion of bacteria and virus into their body. With a dematting brush, you can easily redistribute the natural oil to all the dog’s body parts, and help promote healthy skin and coat. 
  • Removal of dead hair: during shedding season, the best way to get rid of dead hairs on your dog is by brushing them. There are several tools you can use for cleaning the hair of dogs, but none is as effective as using a brush which will touch all parts of the dog. 
  • Brings you closer to the dog: if you always have trouble bonding with your dog, then brushing the dog is one way to form a better bond. When brushing, you have more time to interact with the dog and form a stronger bond. 

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With the information delivered in this review, going forward, you should not have issues selecting the best dog brush for mats. We have considered some of the essential factors that will make picking the right and best brush for mats easier. We have also considered some of the essential reasons why you might want to use these brushes on your dogs, and how you will benefit from using them. Five of the very best dog brushes for mats have been delivered in this review. All the products listed are made with the best and high-quality materials that make them perfect for your dog. They are all offered at pocket-friendly prices; this makes the brushes perfect for you and your dog. These brushes also guarantee effective dematting and efficient grooming of your dog hair. 

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